WPS Request E-signatures Privacy Policy

Updated on: May 20, 2024

WPS Request E-signatures Privacy Policy forms a part of the WPS Office Software Privacy Policydescribing how we process the information generated during your use of WPS Request E-signatures service. The provisions of the WPS Office Software Privacy Policy shall take precedence for matters not addressed in the WPS Request E-signatures Privacy Policy, including but not limited to your rights to personal information.

Before using WPS Request E-signatures service, it is recommended that you read WPS Request E-signatures privacy policy carefully and continue to use WPS Request E-signatures service after fully understanding and accepting it.


1. Definitions

(1)“You”/“Your”/ “Customer” refers to only individual natural person who accesses to or uses the WPS Request E-Signatures Service.

(2)“WPS Request E-Signatures Service” refers to the electronic signature service to the documents ( including but not limited to the edition, modification, preview and storage of the electronic signature, the process of initiating, withdrawing, revoking, terminating the contract) provided by WPS and/or its affiliates, the specific service shall be subject to the content on


2. What Information Do We Collect

(1) Your WPS Office Online Service Account information.Such as: WPS ID,Email address,User type,Login status.

(2)Your devices or software data,such as:Device ID,Device Name,Device Type,Internet Protocol (“IP”) address;

(3) Contact Information for Technical Support.

We also may record your email , telephone and dialogue contents when you contact us for service support by sending emails or calling, to help us keep contact with you for updates and support to resolve your queries for use of our Services.

(4)Information collected on behalf of the sender.

 Where we collects and uses information on behalf of the sender of the document , the sender is the controller of this information. This may include, without limitation, information embedded within a document, collected via form fields or other information regarding the signer’s access and use of the electronic signature service such as the date and time of a signature or transaction event, IP address, signer’s Email address and other information about the browser or device used to send, sign, delegate, approve or take other actions with respect to the document. For example, IP address is recorded as part of the “activity log” and/or "audit trail" that is linked to the electronically signed document. The activity log and audit trail are generally made available to senders, signers and other “participants” in a document workflow and is retained according to the agreement between we and the sender.

By default, our electronic signature services send a copy of the electronically signed document to both the sender and the signer. The sender also controls how long documents are stored by E-Signatures’sand available to signer to access or download. The sender is responsible for configuring any security options available within the service to protect the documents and their exchange between the sender and signer. And we collects information about how senders and signers use and access features and capabilities of the electronic signature services. We collect and use this information to operate, improve and personalise the electronic signature services.


3. How We Use Your Personal Data

We process your information for following specific purposes and only process personal data related to achieving that purpose:

(1) to provide the Services, which include troubleshooting, customizing, identifying, supporting.

(2) to improve and develop our Services.

(3) to protect the security and prevent criminal activity.

(4) to comply with our legal obligations.


4.How Long We Retain Your Information

We will retain your information for the period strictly necessary for fulfilling the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. For example, we retain your account information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you with Products or Services you have requested or authorized, including maintaining and improving the performance of the Products or Services and protecting system security. We also retain personal data as needed to maintain appropriate business and financial records, protect our legal interests, resolve disputes, or comply with legal or regulatory requirements.


5. Contact Information

Please contact us at your convenience if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy through the following ways:

E-mail contact:

Address:6 RAFFLES QUAY #14-06 SINGAPORE(048580)

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